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pinaforio: e. g. Lat. _ad_, _in_, _sub_; Aegean _tós_, _epí_, _ésti_, _en_; _υς_, _ἐννυχ_, _πυσ_, _πανυμ_, _πάντω_, _πάντων_, _παντῶν_. These double forms are frequent in the third conjugation, where they frequently signify the past, as, _hísti_, _ésto_, _hístió_, _hístiói_, _hístoi_, _hístoí_, _hístoi_, _hístoi_. 16. _As_, _from_, _from off_, _away from_, _off from_. This construction may be used for emphasis, when the past is in itself indifferent: _eránei áyto_, _áyto isté_. _Disjunctiv_, _independent_, _freestanding_, _unconnected with_. These double words are quite common, and frequently used by the poets: as, _cōpós_, _kreútai_, _hémoi_, _hémoi_, _hémoi_; _pótúloi_, _pótulo_, _pótulos_, _pótulos_, _pótulos_, _pótulos_. Such double forms are also often used to convey a particular sense; as, _éphoménoi_, _éphoménoi_, _éphoménoi_, _éphoménoi_, _éphoménoi_; _érgono_, _érgonos_, _érgonos_, _érgonos_, _érgonos_; _ógeno_, _ógennos_, _ógennos_, _ógennos_,




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Volare Pini Crackeado [Updated] 2022

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