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City Bus Simulator 2012 Crack filkarn




!!!! it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!! This sim has 14 gears,the settings in the prefernces>controls>gaspsis and road msu are not realistic,the car with the right engine and gaspsis and msu is supposed to be slow at high speed.There is also a bug in this game,when you get to the last gear the game ends and you cannot advance. This is a beta for the new version of this game,and it will be officially released later this year(or early next year if the game isn't made)and have more realistic settings. if you do not like this type of game,then go and play it! jean-luc dreyfus 8.39.2011 does not work on my computer mike 7.26.2011 it's a great and funny car simulation.i really like it. motoki 3.20.2011 This is a great, fun simulation game, very addicting. I really hope it makes it to a full version someday. Ernesto 6.19.2011 Comes with all the old version of car models Larryy 5.21.2011 On windows 10 I get to the load screen and the sim starts then stops with the screeching car sound and it restarts then it does it over and over. I have reinstalled the game but it's still doing it. Also another thing is if I play the game on the highest difficulty the car doesn't make the screeching noise anymore just the normal chatter. It's kinda annoying because that's a problem in the previous version too. So the old problem is back. The game is fun though. Eric 6.02.2011 Great game! The first person racer was boring because I could not hold the stick and the game would suck me in. This one has amazing graphics and realistic controls. And there is not a single crash! Bryan 5.29.2011 I really love the game, I can just play it all day. It has some problems though, there's no option to hold the steering wheel, and the tires are just plain wrong. I'd buy a real car if I could just enjoy driving around with a friend. Andrew 5.23.2011 I love driving sims and this one is the best one yet. The game keeps crashing every time



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City Bus Simulator 2012 Crack filkarn

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